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Welcome to anon referrals

The ideal tool for webmasters and privacy buffs
for anonymous redirects

Always available

You can always use this tool from all your devices.

Fully customizable

You can customize your redirects as you want and when you want.

Perfect to use

Get comfortable, we have created an instrument for everyone.

Endless possibilities

Developers can use the API without limitations.

Absolutely free

We have created an absolutely free tool for free use without limitations.

Crypt your URL

You can hide your url using function MIME base64 encoding.


Total links


Total clicks

Use of API

Webmaster API

Code for scripts


function norefer($strURL) {
  return "".urlencode($strURL);

<a href="<?php echo norefer(""); ?>">Link</a>

Code for scripts


<script language="JavaScript">
function norefer(strURL) {
  return ""+escape(strURL);

<a href="" onclick="window.location.href=norefer(this.href); return false;">Link</a>

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